About Us

Back in 2009 I felt that the price of FMIC were too high.  I decided to design a new FMIC that would fit our cars better than the overprice modded WRX FMIC.  With input from members of Legacygt.com .  They  wanted a kit that would keep the foglights, air pump, and for me keep the crash beam.  We all want to go fast but, a crash beam is there for a reason. So I decided to create a FMIC that would only benefit me, but other subaru owners with great products at a fair price.  Racer X Engineering was born out of that dream. Since then we have sold hundreds of kits all over the world and we have expanded to also offer the first performance all metal Bar and plateTMIC  and charge pipe for 2010+ Legacy GT and now for the 2014+ FXT and 2015+ WRX.  Thanks for all the support.


Bryan Lee