FMIC install

First, you have to take off your bumper skin. Put you car on ramps or jack stands to give you more room. You have to move this sensor or it will hit your new FMIC. We tie wrapped it behind the bracket.P1060222

Then remove your factory TMIC and even this black hose. P1060225

Next, you want to get the 2.75″to 2.5″ coupler. The 81/73 t-clamp goes on the 2.75″ end connected TB. Then get the “j” shaped pipe with the BOV flange and install it into the coupler on the TB you will need the 75/67 t-clamp here.P1060228P1060230  You want to go under, over, or thru the fuel lines with the “J” pipe.  You will have to see what works best for youfmic1

If you have it, you may have to take off the lower black plastic tray. The tray is held on by 4 bolts. Since you cut the ends of the tray you don’t use the threaded welded nuts on the outside anymore. I would recommend you trim the thin sheet metal the holds the welded on nuts. It’s a very thin piece of metal in front of the seam and a 1″ wide. You can use a hack saw, pliers, tin snips, etc.. to remove. This will help the pipes fit up higher.


First remove the lower timing cover bolt and replace it with the one include with the kit for more clearance.  This it a picture of my car.  I have room with the stock bolt. P1060239  P1060696Now get the last 2 2.5″ pipes.  The 90 degree pipe connects to the “J” pipe from the throttle body with a straight 2.5″ coupler and 2 75/67 t-clamps .Then put the other straight 2.5″coupler on the pipe and run the pipe around the oil filler tube or air pump (air pumps on ’08+ models) and down over the battery.  Fit it into the groove on the overflow tanks between the timing cover.  Get the last 2.5″ pipe and connect to the other 2.5″ pipe’s coupler from the bottom and the pipe should be inside the hook.P1060240P1060290

.  Now take all the bolts off the bumper support (8x12mm and 2x10mm on a ’08). Now put the IC behind the bumper beam on top of the black plastic tray. You will need  2.5″ hump hose and 2 75/67 to connect the driver side pipes to the IC.

Now the pass. side You will need the 2.5″ to 2.25″ pipe coupler along with a 75/67 and 68/60 t-clamp.

Frist, you need remove electric fan plug from the fan shroud.  Next remove or bend tab that is at the bottom behind the radiator the holds a few wires. Once you do that the 2.25″ pipe will go up inside your tow hook.  P1000736_zps6443496620130401_103951_zps4ff2d6be20130401_103939

Now you will need this 2″ pipe and a 2.25″ to 2″ coupler and a 68/60 and 54/62 t-clamp. This pipe you can feed from the firewall back to the front of the car. We didn’t even have to take off the K&N heat shield to install. kind of hard to see. But, if you look closely the little silver pipe in the lower right corner of the picture is the IC piping and the left of the picture is the end of the pipe sticking up. P1060258

For the core mounting. I reinforced heater hose and cut it in have a gourmet for the IC. I put one on the brace behind the core and then the 2 place where the tanks just touch the back off the bumper on each side.P1060275P1060277P1060276

When you tighten the bumper bolts the rubber hold the core in place.  Make sure core is up.  The couplers should be at the bottom of you beam. That’s it. The core will no move.  Mine has been in for years and has not moved. When you put on the bumper skin you may have to trim the bumper skin about a 3/4″ in the opening to clear the IC couplers. Here is a ’08 Spec B. with my FMIC install and the skin and fogs on.

Spec B

Spec B

If you have a stock turbo you will need to use this turbo flange and supplied gasket.   P1060190 It mount with the stock bolts that held on your stock TMIC.  P1060261 I made the holes a bit larger to give room for adjustments.  Now get the 2″ 110 deg. elbow and connect the turbo flange to the IC piping. You will need 2×2″ couplers and 4x 62/54 t-clamp. Here are more pictures off it installed.fmic6P1060265P1060266

When you use a STI style turbo that points toward the driver side you don’t use the turbo flange.  You use the extension pipe included in the kit that is in this picture.P1060541P1060535

All the parts come in the kit so you have nothing to buy if and when you upgrade.

Now to install your BOV.  The flange is made to use ’05-’09 LGT/’08-’14 WRX BOV. The flange is not threaded because Aluminum is soft and could strip. Just use the included nut and bolts to install. Then connect your stock return hose to your BOV.131631

Have fun, Bryan